January 2019

Acquired 5440 sqft warehouse (mining facility) Freeport, New York

Electricity at industrial rate of 0.067c /kWh

February 2019

Prepping the facility for mining equipment’s.

First Batch of Mining equipment’s will be placed in the last week of February, Along with power supplies and other required components.

ordered 220 miners
SC1 Dual, 2-board (Gen 2): 1,000-1,400 GH/s, 800-900 W

March 2019

Application submitted to Freeport Electric to increase the power demand in our mining facility to about 1 Mega Watt

April 2019

First batch of mining equipment’s received, installed and mining begins.

May 2019

We intend to place a Second batch order of mining equipment’s

June 2019

With the miners ordered and ready to mine crypto by this time we would have invested upwards of 1.5 million USD in our Mining facility

July 2019

Second batch of mining equipment’s received, installed and mining begins.

First Payout will be given to investors on 1st July

August 2019

Our Token “ARM” STO will be synchronized in a minable POW algorithm, smart contract, mining pool and Exchange setup. developers to work on Vision ARM Blockchain.

October 2019

we intent to order immersion miners unto a quantity of 1000 from obelisk

The SC1 Immersion miner is designed for use in liquid immersion tanks, such as those from Green Revolution Cooling, Midas Green Technologies,, and E3 NV. It contains 4 hashing boards, 1 control board, 2 power supplies, and all required cables.

approximately valued at $5 million USD