Our Vision: The World’s Most Profitable Mining Operation

Crypto mining is no longer for amateurs.

Aarnav is the way to participate and profit.

Stay tuned for all the details!
Top-of-the-line miners
sourced directly from
Dedicated budget for
regular upgrades to stay on
the cutting-edge
A World-Class Team that
has what it takes to deliver
Ultra-low overhead in a
great location

Meet The Team

It takes a team of engineers, security, construction experts, and software developers to build and maintain the world’s most profitable mining operation. With more than two decades of international experience in data center construction and management, the Aarnav Team has what it takes to make mining profitable for the entire community.

Supporting them are a top-notch team of advisors, business development experts, design, communications, legal, and community support specialists. Read more about them below.


Gurpreet Kaur

Chief Executive Officer

4+ years of experience in the IT&T business, logistics, data centre construction and management. Gurpreet is a results-oriented leader with a strong track record of delivering in high-paced organizations.

Manpreet Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Entrepreneur, Director and Chief Operating Officer of Aarnav, Manpreet Singh is committed to the development of technology innovation for various algorithms in crypto mining.

Dr.Sanjay Goyal

Executive Vice President, Board Chairman & Director

As Director and Chairman of Executive committe of htpp://aarnav.io, a serial entrepreneur.

Chander Goel


As the founder of Veludi Capital Strategies, established in 2016, affiliated with Mass Mutual, Chander has built a team of 25 advisors


Dinesh Maan


Committed to exceeding customer expectations through hard work and excellent customer service, Dinesh Mann brings honesty, focus

Richard Gora

Legal Advisor

With over 10 years of experience in business, corporate, securities, management, litigation, employment and intellectual property,.

Jack Liao

Chief Technology Advisor

Jack Liao, 42, was educated in China and is the CEO of LightningASIC, a Hong Kong maker of specialty cryptocurrency

Walter Mello

Business Development Advisor

A veteran of some of the largest traditional and alternative asset management firms in the world, Walter has over 15 years of portfolio and risk management experience combined with a Quant background.

SeBright Chen

Founding Chairman at Summer Atlantic Capital

SeBright Chen is a business Advisor for Aarnav.

Meet The Team

AnilKumar Aggarwal

Senior Legal Council

AnilKumar Aggarwal is a practising Chartered Accountant in India with a professional Cost Accountancy degree. He brings

Richard Coronado

Data Centre Architect

Richard is the lead “techie” having the technical expertise in coin development and architecture formation. He’s one of the pioneers

Aryan Nava

Business Development Partner in Canada.

Aryan Nava Founder of Blockchain Mind Inc.He is a true IT entrepreneur with experience of Hardware / Software development, Training.

Arshdeep Singh

ITT Architect and Data Center Manager

Arshdeep Singh brings 5 years of experience in IT, data center management and cyber security to Aarnav. He has exceptional knowledge of ITT planning...

Scott Gabriel

Process Automation and System Administration

Scott’s expertise lies with process automation of which he is a dextrous play master, making flawless Automated processes and taking

Klesti Kuka

Computer Engineer

Klesti Kuka a software developer who is excel at developing any kind of software applications.He has developed some softwares for Innova.

Mitchell White

Network Engineer

Mitchell White takes care of Networking, he has been in the field for more than eight years and is a master at troubleshooting

Laksha Pandian

Technology Officer

Laksha has been working in blockchain industry for past one year.He has the experience in working with ICO projects,Exchange development...

Yoshio Nishigori

System and Software Developer and Automation Expert

Yoshio is a great marketer and leads the technical development team with ideas that flow seamlessly with marketing strategies.

Tatsuma Ohara

Business Developer

A company’s strength is determined by its software prowess and Ohara is proficient at creating world class software platforms

Pulkit Gulati

Senior IT Analyst

Dedicated IT Professional with 8+ experience in web development technologies with .Net framework.

Community Support

Charnvir Dhami


Charnvir is Chief Technology Officer at Aarnav Inc. As CTO, Charnvir overlooks the technological aspects of the company. To ensure

Kris Afezolli

Social media manager

Krisi is a Freelance Writer who helps finance professionals and Fin-Tech startups build an audience and grow clients online.