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It’s just to show that we are mining and payouts are visible on blockchain.

Investors can check this bitcoin address to see the mining statistics by clicking below

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ARM AltcoinSimple Configuration Mine flexibly

Fast shipout
Ship out at first time you need after purchase
Hosting Option
Innovative Altcoin hosting mining
Get rid of the Noise , Power Consumption and Maintenance
Flexible configuration
Mine immediately No waitting time
The algorithm can be flexibly configured and upgraded
Stable and reliable
Specialized deployment 99.9% no fault guarantee

Aarnav is a community of investors leveraging economies of scale to achieve profitable returns from cryptocurrency mining. By pooling resources, Aarnav investors save on cutting-edge equipment and professional maintenance and gain access to ultra-low-cost electricity. Despite the 2018 cryptocurrency market downturn, a large-scale mining operation remains very profitable. Aarnav offers better returns than “cloud” mining, is more efficient than the majority of mining pools, and makes it easy for anyone to realize returns from cryptocurrency mining.

Our strategy is simple:

  1. raise funds
  2. leverage economies of scale purchase the absolute-best technology at the lowest cost for maximum profitability
  3. set up mining hardware in a suitable facility with access to competitive electricity rates
  4. begin mining operations
  5. distribute the profits from mining to Aarnav investors

Aarnav is issuing a Security Token Offering (STO) to raise funds and build the world’s biggest crowdfunded cryptocurrency mining operation. Investors in the Aarnav STO will be issued the ARM Security Token. ARM Token holders will share in profits proportionally based on the quantity of ARM Tokens they hold. Aarnav’s STO is issued under the exemption of Regulation D, Section 506c for American accredited investors and Regulation S for accredited offshore investors.

Manpreet Singh

( Chief Operating Officer )

Entrepreneur, Director and Chief Operating Officer of Aarnav, Manpreet Singh is committed

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Gurpreet Kaur

( Chief Executive Officer )

4+ years of experience in the IT&T business, logistics, data centre construction

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Jack Liao

( Chief Technology Advisor )

Jack Liao, 42, was educated in China and is the CEO of LightningASIC, a Hong Kong maker of

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Dr.Sanjay Goyal

Executive board Chairman and Vice President

As Director and Chairman of Executive committe of htpp://aarnav.io, a serial entrepreneur.

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Something New & Exciting Coming Up...

Engineers currently working on


For Aarnav Data centers,

FPGAs are silicon devices that can be dynamically reprogrammed with a datapath that exactly matches workloads, such as data analytics, image inference, encryption, and compression. This versatility enables the provisioning of a faster processing, more power efficient, and lower latency service – lowering your total cost of ownership, and maximizing compute capacity within the power, space, and cooling constraints of data centers.

Benefits or advantages of FPGA

Following are the benefits or advantages of FPGA:

  • FPGAs can be programmed at logic level. Hence it can implement faster and parallel processing of signals. This is difficult to be executed by processor.

  • Unlike ASIC which are fixed once programmed, FPGAs are programmable at software level at any time. Hence FPGA IC can be re-programmed or reused any number of times. FPGA can also be programmed from remote locations.

  • FPGA ICs are readily available which can be programmed using HDL code in no time. Hence the solution is available faster to the market.

  • Unlike ASIC which requires huge NRE (Non Recurring Expenses) and costly tools, FPGA development is cheaper due to less costly tools and no NRE.

  • In FPGA design, software takes care of routing, placement and timing. This makes lesser manual intervention. The design flow eliminates complex and time consuming place and router, floor planning and timing analysis.

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“As promised, Aarnav Inc. has successfully paid over 10% quarterly dividend to its investors.
Once again we thank our investors for the trust in our project.
Have happy and prosperous 2019. Thanks

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